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Our Story 

Collectively we have 20 plus years experience with sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, and Human Resources. We have worked in the, Animation, Gaming, NFT, Metaverse, VXF and Interactive Media sector as Producers, HR, Directors and Production Managers.

We even helped crew up the first 3D animated feature film ever created in Toronto, released in 2016. Our names are in the film credits as proof! We provide outsourcing talent management and have a global vetted roster of service studios at our finger tips.


We also understand the new initiative to hire a more diverse team. We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in every environment. Understanding and recognizing barriers and eliminating them is our area of expertise. 

Our Mission

To inspire easier, faster and more cost effective onboarding by connecting people to people. Provide the best service, be kind and come from a place of service, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the current talent crisis. 

Our Values

We respect people, thrive in diversity, and are committed to inclusion.

Our Goals

Whether you are trying to find the right candidate for the job, or are under a tight crunch to find the right candidate, we are here to help. No two positions are the exact same which is why we work with you to figure out what you want, and who the right candidate is for you. 

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