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Goal Setting - Company Vision Boards

A vision board is a tool used for personal or business goals as a way to clarify and visualize specific goals you wish to accomplish in the future. If your current to-do list or established goal setting isn’t cutting it, a vision board is a helping hand you can use to work towards your goal in a more physical and palatable way.

What is a vision board? A vision board is a collection of images, pictures, affirmations, quotes, and wants, designed to set out as a source of inspiration and motivation to achieve yearly or bi-yearly goals.

Whether your studio goal is to create your own IP, open a studio in a different country, acquire a new studio, or work with a specific one, a vision board can help you visualize your goal. Creating a visual aid is linked to better engagement with staff, boosting understanding and igniting emotional response. This can help your staff better focus on what is top of mind throughout the year.

Having a visual ad of what you want to accomplish as a team can help you gain buy-in from your staff. Vision boards are easy to compose and will help your staff's brain pick up subliminal stimulation to help them thrive for the same goals.

If ever they feel discouraged or lacking purpose in their work, the company vision board will serve as a reminder of what the team is aiming towards. Having your employees formulate a clear vision together gets employees to buy into the vision, reduce inefficiencies and invite other ideas. Staff may be more willing to commit to action if they feel their ideas are part of the overall vision.

Having a visual reminder will help your team feel accountable for the studio's success and that they are making an active contribution to the company reaching their goals. Talk with your team about why these goals are important to the company, why you’re choosing them, and what they mean to you and them.

Your company vision board should be easily accessible to your employees. If you work in an office setting, post your vision board near the entrance or in the kitchen, allowing employees to notice it as frequently as possible. Or post your board in an employee common area. You can also provide a digital form of the vision board for your employees to access at any time. This can be especially useful if employees are working from home.

This also provides you with an opportunity to communicate with your employees about the past year, and year after year. Were their milestones achieved? And what would they like to see changed next year? Learning this information can help you set targeted goals that resonate with your entire team. This also gives you an opportunity to celebrate not just the wins but also the efforts as they are just as important. Celebrate small wins in order to achieve big goals!

Also, take time to talk about the goals you may not have met and what you need to work on next year to reach them. Using this information, you and your team can begin working on the next year's vision board.

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