What's The Difference? Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

They might sound similar but they couldn't be further apart. Help educate yourself on the difference to address your employment woes.

The Difference

It's easy to get the two mistaken if you are in the process of filling a vacancy or new role, but these two ideas are very different. Make sure you know what you are talking about before you recruit the wrong way.

Recruitment - Can I see your resume?

The classic job posting. Receiving hundreds of e-mails with a wide variety of file formats and fonts that make it impossible to read, and filling up that junk e-mail tab with an embarrassing number of unread messages. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a applicant tracking program. But you only use a quarter of the functions offered on it. And half of the other functions are kept behind a paywall your company isn't willing to expense. Your job posting is probably on a free site too so anyone can apply to anything; "why did this truck driver with no additional experience apply for this senior nursing position?"

Recruitment might be fine if you want to wait and passively fill a position. Gathering a handful of candidates and hopefully hearing back from them in a timely manner. The scheduled interviews with a few no-shows and cancellations. Finally after a week of just interviewing people, you might have found the right person? Sure they aren't as experienced as you like, or they don't fit well with your companies mission, values, or goals. But you filled the vacancy at least.

Talent Acquisition - Finding the specialist

Yes you are still filling a vacancy. Instead of filtering through resumes finding partial matches in what you are looking for, talent acquisition becomes an active search of the talents and expertise someone has, and not just their educational background and work experience over the years. Slapping on a "+5 years of experience" on a job posting might not exactly be what you are looking for, and that specialist you are desperately searching for will fall through the cracks if you are being careless.

With an always changing market, it's important to think of the future. Talent acquisition is this forward thinking process, ensuring that the person being selected isn't just the right person for the position they are actively filling, but also what they might mean to the organization down the line. Are you hoping that this new hire will be manager material? Maybe after two years you plan on this new hire to help push into a new revenue stream. Planning ahead of time not only sets your future employee up for success, but for your company as well.

Should we be 'Recruiting' or 'Acquiring'

Odds are you've been recruiting already, and you know how that process goes. The unavoidable pitfalls, the waiting, and the hope that you've selected the right candidate can sometimes lead to months of waiting to see if they were a good fit after all.

Talent acquisition might sound more daunting at first, but making sure you get the right hire that first time is well worth the risk. You've tried the tiresome recruiting methods before, it's time you try talent acquisition to see the difference.

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