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How to Streamline the Recruitment Process

Hiring the right employees will create one of the most valuable assets your company can have, but with recent and significant changes to the labor market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract quality candidates. Favorable work-life balance, mental wellness, company culture, and flexibility have surfaced as some of the top criteria influencing studio employees when opting to join or stay with a company, according to this year's Greater Toronto Area Top Employers list. Recognize what your organization needs in order to attract the top individuals. What values do you hold? What mentality are you seeking? And do you have the flexibility to adjust to the wants and preferences of others? Once you have the answers to these inquiries, you will be able to search for candidates that fit within this larger context.

For this reason, implementing some simple routine is essential as part of the hiring process. Although this process can be drawn out and intricate, you can avoid making costly mistakes. Here are some simple steps to ensure you select and retain the right employees for your business.

Employee Referral Programs

Practice maximizing employee recommendations. Employee recommendations boost employee brand, save recruitment costs, improve the quality of hire, and improve better employee retention rates. It is also easier to fill hard-to-fill roles.

Create systematic interview processes

Your company's workforce is its greatest asset, so it's critical to take your time and develop a strategy that helps you find, attract, and recruit the best people. Work together with recruiting managers to create interviews that are well-structured. Include general inquiries that may be used to assess all applicants as well as inquiries that can be directed to particular prospects based on the post. You can develop an evaluation scoring system using these questions to monitor and assess the performance of your applicants.

The candidates will know you are serious about hiring them and the position if you pick the candidates you are seriously considering and schedule interviews with them as soon as feasible. The candidate experience is improved, and the fill rate is improved. In this manner, you can keep excluding candidates from consideration until the ideal one is discovered.

Plan a successful onboarding process

Once you've found your ideal candidate, it's essential to set up an effective onboarding process to keep them on board. According to research, offering new hires a strong orientation program can raise their retention rate by 40%.

Plan how you will onboard your new employee with your team. To prevent overburdening them with meetings and information, this should involve a dispersed orientation. Over a few weeks, effectively acquaint them with key team members and their responsibilities. Additionally, you want to make sure customers are aware of whom to contact for inquiries.

Give this employee a teammate to look up to as a mentor. This person might be a senior or someone who has held the role before them. Assigning a mentor to them for the first few weeks helps to prevent distractions for other team members and guarantees good integration and a constant channel of communication.

Remember to check in. Regular management check-ins help new employees feel comfortable and enable you to regularly ensure that they have the resources they require to be a successful hire for your studio.

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